Going deeper

What is prayer?

It is simply, talking to God from your heart about anything!  Yep, absolutely anything!  God knows it anyway; He is just waiting for you to get real and honest with yourself, so that He can help you where you are at.

So, recently I have been putting prayer and trusting God with more of me to the test.  My most recent break through has been getting a housemate for a house share.  I have been advertising for the past 6 months on 4 different websites, and by word of mouth and during this time not 1 person was interested!  A couple of weeks ago I asked a few friends to pray with me while we were on a 1 week fast and within 3 days someone contacted me through Christian Flat share, with interest in my house share.  Exactly to the day from the day we prayed and started the fast by the following week I had the viewing and found my housemate.  Now I don’t care what anyone says, there is no way that was a coincidence, it was a God-incidence.   All I know is that, i had been advertising that room for 6 MONTHS, and NOTHING!  A few days on a prayer fast and BAM – I get a housemate…that has God God God all over it!

I want to encourage anyone who wants to start praying, needs to start praying again, has a sense that God is calling them to go deeper with God or maybe you don’t know Him and you want to – TALK to Him, He is waiting.

“I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it” John 14:13-15…Amen xxx


T Saf xx


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