My newly wed giggle!!

My friend is so cute!

She and her husband are newly weds, both waited until marriage to explore sex and they are now starting to explore the wonderful world of sex and all it’s glory!
Yesterday she told me that she went to get advice about various contraceptive methods and to stock up on some much needed ‘love socks‘ (you know the ones  that only the guy has to where lol!)  She was overwhelmed by the selection of ‘love socks,’ extra large, flavoured, extra sensitive, ribbed…you name it, they had it!
Anyway, the best part of her story was the flavoured gel they also had on offer.  She couldn’t think of the name at the time so she called it ‘SEX JUICE!’  I couldn’t stop laughing!!!  So I just had to share it!!
I hope you get a little giggle too:)



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