My Vocal Coaching Sessions

So this is week 2 of my intermediate level vocal coaching sessions (last week was my first week, we covered the basics such as how the voice works, vocal warm ups and breathing).

We started this weeks session, looking at how best to take care of our vocal chords.

This session has really deepened my awareness about the unhelpful things I’ve been doing!
For example clearing my throat!  This is  rough treatment for the larynx, and should be avoided.
Instead the following was suggested:

  • A very very gentle cough, mouth closed powered by the diaphragm (very wordy I know) is a helpful alternative.
  • keeping my throat lubricated with warm water (add honey, preferably manuka for added nourishment for the throat) – something I already do, woohoo!!

My coach also mentioned, protecting my neck/throat with a scarf, as this protects the voice.

We went through lots of breathing and vocal warm-up exercises, and more tips for looking after the voice. So I’ve got lots to be getting in with!
I’ve picked up some bad habits over the years I’ve been singing – 1 being not warming up my voice before I sing!

I realise now how seriously important it is for me to start looking after my voice IMMEDIATELY, before I do any damage!
The good news is that I’ve learned some good breathing practices from yoga which is useful for singing, so I’m already a few steps ahead:)

I am so excited that I am finally getting a chance to train my voice and am looking forward to being able to control my voice and do all the creative things I want to do with my voice!

I’ve got a youth worship outreach DJ night that I am the lead vocalist for in a few weeks (my first vocal event of the year!), and I’m on my way for a planning meeting as I write this.  I’ll be making sure I am prepared as much as possible, rehearsals are coming up soon (do doubt my vocal coaching will come in handy!!)

It’s gonna be such an amazing night, I’m so excited to see what God will do!

I am also looking forward to doing a massive blog about it too!!

Bye for now:)



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