Daily Devotions: Day 5

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it – Matthew 7:14

After reading the above in my devotional today, I am inspired to look for opportunities to share the exciting news of the Gospel.  When I leave this earth, I want to be at peace knowing that I tried my best to be an available channel to share the love of God with as many as I can.  Helping to steer people away from the wide path of destruction and towards the narrow yet wonderful path of life with God through Jesus!

After taking the time out over the past 8 months to really try to honestly find and trust God, the 180 change I’ve seen in my life is my personal truth and testimony that God is so REAL, and answers prayers!!  I now feel confident that I can share what God has done and is doing for me, with others from my own personal experiences.

  • I was downtrodden, depressed, despairing  and – He lifted me up, dusted me off, healed me and filled me with joy!!
  • I was hopeless, weak, broken and lost – He restored my faith and soul and I am well!
  • I was drenched with worry, doubt, insecure and full of regret.  He has been showing me time and time again that if I TRUST Him, HE WILL take care of me and give me peace and rest.

This is just the beginning for me and I can’t wait to see where I’m going!  What I AM sure of now, is that God is in the driving seat and I’m in store for the ride of a lifetime!!
I have found an amazing church now, I’ve just finished a term of bible college, I am making new friends and am starting to get involved in serving at church again.   I have also taken a leap of faith to seek God and develop myself full time.  I want to be ready to do great things for God when He says GO!  Doors are already starting to open and I am the happiest I’ve ever been right now in my whole life and and I know it’s because I’ve surrendered my heart to God and I’m learning to fully trust Him.

God is so real!!  So amazing!!
❤ xx


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