Music, music and more music

I spent all of Saturday in lectures learning about pulse, rhythm, syncopation, time signatures etc.  I can now write my own basic rhythm in music notation and attempt to read music scores – woohoo!

Oh and I had a great songwriting flow on Thursday and Friday while I was practising the picking exercise that my guitar teacher set for me – I CANNOT wait to demo it in the studio!!!

I spent the rest of the evening in the studio producing tracks for the upcoming DJ Worship night aka ‘Big Noise’ event that I am organising the music set for.  I had a really productive session, researching for inspiration and then laying down ideas for 4 tracks!
In the process I had some lyric ideas for one of the new tribal house tracks that my friend was producing.  I’ve never written to that genre before so it was really fun!  I am looking forward to debuting the newbie on the night 🙂

…Its now Sunday and I’ve just some back from a relaxed live acoustic night in Holborn, which was a great end to my weekend.  It was organised by my church for us all to get together, bring friends, hang out and meet new people etc.  The performances was also so inspiring, hearing and seeing performers that are already doing their thing really encourages me to keep going!

Have a great week ahead!!!

Happy blogging:)



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