Dealing with loss, remembering Mum xx

It’s been 2 years since my dear sweet mother passed away. I still have days where I can’t believe she’s not here. At times I have to really retrace my steps and memories to work out where my mum is.

I miss her so much, I miss the times we’ve shared and the times in the future that we will only share in my
Imagination. I often wonder what mum would say or do in various situations…?When I’m doing a performance I imagine her look of glee and hear her voice in my mind saying: “ahh my baby, I’m so proud of you…” – smile:)

…Every year my sister and I plan a special day on my mums birthday and spend the day together in her honour.
Mum always loved the theatre, so this year we planned a trip to the west-end to watch The Wizard of Oz (mine and my sisters favourite when we were growing up. I’ve lost count how many times we watched it – it was a LOT!!!!)


Seeing it again was great fun, it was very similar to the film in my opinion (so it was like paying to see an overpriced film on stage Lol!!)
We also had a lovely chat over dinner at a gorgeous Tai restaurant, where we reminisced over the good times with mum and giggled over some fun times:)

I love spending time with my sister. It makes me feel like home and reminds me how precious and special life is and that the people we love should be cherished.

❤ I love you mummy! ❤

Xxx Happy Birthday xxX


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