Am I invisible?

Sometimes I really wonder if I’m invisible?
I’ll have a really long conversation with someone and feel like i’ve really connected with them, then ill see them a week later and they’ll walk straight past me as if i’m invisible?

I’ve sent emails, texts, FB messages and even tweets letting people know of my progress, good news and asking for feedback support with my music and various creative projects, and I’ll get no response…?

Theres a string of things I could list, but I just cant be arsed to write it…but I really dont get it…?

I feel a bit silly writing this, because its really a cry for recognition, real connection, belonging and acceptance…I feel on some levels I’m missing these core elements in my life and when I feel ignored, overlooked etc its a bit of a sting if im honest…

Whats happening?

Am i missing something?

I really dont understand?

Am I really invisible?



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