My reason for wanting to write this blog is because I love writing and sharing my experiences interests, discoveries, insights and my life with others – so I thought it would be great to combine the two together.

I also wanted to document this coming year because I have dedicated it to exploring all of the areas that I’ve always wished I had time for, but due to work commitments I just could not give myself to completely – so this is my sabbatical year!

I am so excited about this coming year, I am going to record as much as I possibly can because at the end of the year I want to look back and be satisfied that I used my time well and I want to have lots of footage to prove it!  I am also going to share some things from my past, I think for therapeutic reasons and because I think my experiences may be of some help to others who may be going through or dealing with difficult stuff (that’s the counsellor in me:)

So…whoever you are, if you enjoy my blog(s) feel free to comment, get in touch, ‘like,’ ‘share,’ or whatever it is you decide to do best:)

From me to you xxx

Lover of freedom, creativity, music, dreamer & eternal optimist, student of the teacher: ‘Journey of Life.’ Fav saying: Live, Laugh, Love

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