Music progress

So if you ready my earlier blog ‘free to be me’ and the other music blogs I’ve written, you may be interested to know that I am having an absolute BLAST this year on my music journey so far.

I am learning music theory, the guitar, taking vocal lessons and I’ve now added the keyboard to my repertoire – nothing can stop me now!!!  I am realising how important the theory is now, it’s the building blocks and foundation for music – if you can grasp this, the rest is just creative fun!  If I had managed to grasp this when I was a little younger, who knows where I would be today?!?!  But hey, I cant waste time on ‘coulda, shoulda, wouldas,’ so I am finally getting on with my music and I am so excited, I feel so content and peacful and I just want more and more of it… 🙂

… The DjW event I did yesterday, was amazing!!  Everyone enjoyed the set that I did and most importantly, I feel like I was able to plant some seeds of encouragement and inspiration, pointing towards God which I believe is the key to life!  We are already in talks about putting on future nights, so watch this space!

Being on stage is like my 2nd home!   There is a side of me that is released and its like I sort of watch this person from within and I’m in awe of her confidence and the voice sounds beautiful, I almost cant believe its me lol!!!  I had great comments about my voice from “girl you can definitely sing,” to “what a voice!” and “wow you have a beautiful voice!”  Hearing this is so touching and encouraging because singing is the one thing that I love to do more than anything else, but its also the one thing I question with thoughts like “am I good enough?”  Or “theres so many others better than me, what makes me think I can really do this professionally?”  I know I shouldnt punish myself with comparison, so I try to nip those thoughts in the bud before they run riot in my mind and I will continue to work and develop until I get where I want to be, but also making sure I enjoy the journey no matter the outcome.

…I’m so inspired right now, I’m now brushing up on my keyboard skills (after 16 years of not playing), and I’m amazed at how much I actually still remember (its kind of like riding a bike, once you learn its always with you).  I guess the old saying “don’t use it, you lose it” doesn’t apply in my case lol!!  Its all still there, its just finding it again.  I’m sure this has something to do with my prayers, asking God to help me grasp everything speedily and to advance me quickly so that I can catch up with the years of missed practice – so I am really seeing the fruit of these prayers!!!  I composed my first song on the keys this week and I was amazed at how well I played, it was literally like my fingers just knew what to do.  Now after spending the afternoon with my uncle who showed me some great tips, (he is such a great teacher and so inspiring) I feel like I have jumped forward 10 steps!  I now have some exercises to practice to develop my keyboard playing and my uncle has shown me how to incorporate various 1st, 2nd and 3rd inversion chords combined with base notes to enhance the chords I have chosen for my song, so I’m really excited about developing this track!

…I’m gonna start some serious recording within the next 2 weeks, so I am really excited about being able to get my music heard and hearing feedback and continuing my development…happy times:)



Music, music and more music

I spent all of Saturday in lectures learning about pulse, rhythm, syncopation, time signatures etc.  I can now write my own basic rhythm in music notation and attempt to read music scores – woohoo!

Oh and I had a great songwriting flow on Thursday and Friday while I was practising the picking exercise that my guitar teacher set for me – I CANNOT wait to demo it in the studio!!!

I spent the rest of the evening in the studio producing tracks for the upcoming DJ Worship night aka ‘Big Noise’ event that I am organising the music set for.  I had a really productive session, researching for inspiration and then laying down ideas for 4 tracks!
In the process I had some lyric ideas for one of the new tribal house tracks that my friend was producing.  I’ve never written to that genre before so it was really fun!  I am looking forward to debuting the newbie on the night 🙂

…Its now Sunday and I’ve just some back from a relaxed live acoustic night in Holborn, which was a great end to my weekend.  It was organised by my church for us all to get together, bring friends, hang out and meet new people etc.  The performances was also so inspiring, hearing and seeing performers that are already doing their thing really encourages me to keep going!

Have a great week ahead!!!

Happy blogging:)


My Vocal Coaching Sessions

So this is week 2 of my intermediate level vocal coaching sessions (last week was my first week, we covered the basics such as how the voice works, vocal warm ups and breathing).

We started this weeks session, looking at how best to take care of our vocal chords.

This session has really deepened my awareness about the unhelpful things I’ve been doing!
For example clearing my throat!  This is  rough treatment for the larynx, and should be avoided.
Instead the following was suggested:

  • A very very gentle cough, mouth closed powered by the diaphragm (very wordy I know) is a helpful alternative.
  • keeping my throat lubricated with warm water (add honey, preferably manuka for added nourishment for the throat) – something I already do, woohoo!!

My coach also mentioned, protecting my neck/throat with a scarf, as this protects the voice.

We went through lots of breathing and vocal warm-up exercises, and more tips for looking after the voice. So I’ve got lots to be getting in with!
I’ve picked up some bad habits over the years I’ve been singing – 1 being not warming up my voice before I sing!

I realise now how seriously important it is for me to start looking after my voice IMMEDIATELY, before I do any damage!
The good news is that I’ve learned some good breathing practices from yoga which is useful for singing, so I’m already a few steps ahead:)

I am so excited that I am finally getting a chance to train my voice and am looking forward to being able to control my voice and do all the creative things I want to do with my voice!

I’ve got a youth worship outreach DJ night that I am the lead vocalist for in a few weeks (my first vocal event of the year!), and I’m on my way for a planning meeting as I write this.  I’ll be making sure I am prepared as much as possible, rehearsals are coming up soon (do doubt my vocal coaching will come in handy!!)

It’s gonna be such an amazing night, I’m so excited to see what God will do!

I am also looking forward to doing a massive blog about it too!!

Bye for now:)


Free to be me!



After 6 months of redundancy, 5 of which I spent fretting about what it is I was going to do with myself, I am finally at peace.  I realised towards the end of 2011 that I didn’t want to find another 9-5 to disappear into again.  In fact, I never want to work another 9-5 again for the rest of my life!  I’m just not wired that way.  I need my freedom!  I need to have the flexibility to come and go as I please and focus my energy on what I want to do.  I don’t want to answer to a boss or fall in line with someone else’s agenda. 

I just want to be me! 

So I have given myself permission to just do me and I am loving it!

The 2 things I enjoy the most is writing (hence this blog), singing and songwriting.  I also have a special love for the guitar and I have already written and performed a few acoustic inspirational songs.  When I sing and get around music, I get this sense of peace and belonging.  It is as if everything inside me is in unity and I fly away into another realm of peace and tranquillity. 

This time is very special to me, because I have finally allowed myself to explore my passion for music fully.  I say finally because when I was 16 I auditioned and was accepted into the BRITS performing arts school (which is not an easy school to get into), to do a music course, but I dropped out just after 2 day!  At the time I thought it was the best thing for me, I was very insecure with my musical abilities and was absolutely petrified of failing.  I tortured myself by comparing myself against the other students who seemed SO much better than me and convinced myself that I would be better off at an academic college doing A ‘Levels!  I didn’t do so well in my A ‘Levels, in fact I left with 2 E’s in sociology and business studies!  I knew I had made a mistake not long after I had left BRITS, but I had made my decision and had to get on with it.  It has been a regret I have carried for the last 15 years, but after my redundancy, it gave me the push I needed to do something about it.

So last September 2011, I enrolled myself onto a song writing and artist development diploma course and I haven’t looked back.   My prayer is that one-day (hopefully soon) that I will have the opportunity to do something professionally with my music, so I am starting by developing myself.  In addition to my diploma course I am am taking singing, guitar lessons and basic music theory with my tutor. 

The fear of failure is no longer an issue.  The energy I used to supress this innate desire I have for music has now been refocused and channelled into allowing myself to explore and be free with it.

So I visualise the best of what I want, believe anything is possible, speak life over my dreams and take action to get me to the place I want to be. 

Bless 🙂 xx