RIP Whitney xxx

I need to send out my tribute to Whitney on my blog…

I was supposed to do a post on Saturday, I’m glad I waited until now, so I could include my tribute to one of the most amazing voices of all time.  I shed some tears today as I reminised over the countless times my mum used to play the bodyguard soundtrack that my dad got for her birthday when it first came out.  I also giggled to myself at the many times I used to prance around with my hairbrush in front of the mirror pretending I was you on stage!  I used to look at this album cover and think you were so beautufil and imaged what it be like to be all grown up and beautiful like you one day!

…R.I.P Withney, your voice was such an amazing inspiration!  My mother’s favourite song was ‘I will Always Love You,’ of which I sang with my sister at her funeral, so I am so so very sad you have gone, its like loosing my mother all over again!  My heart goes out to your daughter Bobbi Kristina, the loss of a mother is so deep and devastating, I pray that she is comforted knowing that you are home with God, I pray now that you have found peace also.  God bless you xxx

Until I found out about Whitney, my weekend was going really well.  But you know something, this has really helped me to continue putting things into perspective.  Some things which is so important to me now more than ever, as I see the greats departing from the world as we know it and after the loss of my mother is:

  • Live each day to the fullest
  • Maximise the time
  • Don’t put off for tomorrow that which you can do today
  • Really love and appreciate people when they are around

We just dont know when it will be the last time we will see someone, so I say live life with no regrets, do your best to live well with people, make peace where there is strife and also make peace God.

Bless xxx